Why are Ketamine treatments not covered by my Insurance?

Ketamine Therapy is a newer treatment for Mental Health Disorders and Chronic Pain Disorders, and has yet to gain approval. However, we will provide you with a treatment summary that you can submit to your insurance.

Is Ketamine Safe? I heard animals get Ketamine?

Ketamine is safe. Both humans and animals have been receiving Ketamine for anesthesia for many years. In fact, children frequently are given Ketamine as part of their anesthesia due to it’s high safety index. Your Ketamine treatments will be given slowly, below the dose necessary for anesthesia.

Do I have to stop taking my other medications before I have a Ketamine Treatment?

Possibly. It is important to give an accurate list of your current prescriptions to the Memphis Ketamine Clinic. Risperidone (Resieridal), Olanzapine (Zyprexa) and Lamictal may reduce the effectiveness of Ketamine, but should not be reduced or discontinued before consulting with your primary Provider and the Memphis Ketamine clinic.

What is the Ketamine Treatment like?

During the treatment, you may experience something called a dissociative effect. Most patients describe the experience with words like “relaxing,” “floating,” and “pleasant.” Some patients may describe feelings of anxiety, disorientation and hallucinations. A qualified member of our staff monitors patient responses to treatment.

Is a Ketamine Injection the same as a Ketamine Infusion?

Those who have experienced multiple methods of administration often report significant differences in effectiveness from one method to another. Research supports the Ketamine Infusion as being the most effective treatment, and the Memphis Ketamine Clinic recommends this. The Ketamine Injection is also available if an Infusion is not an option.

Will Ketamine Treatments cure my depression?

No. Unfortunately, there is no cure for depression. You will need to continue to receive periodic booster Ketamine treatments to maintain the effects. You will also need to continue treatments with your pre-existing mental health professionals.

How come my current Provider won't give me a referral to your clinic?

Ketamine is a newer treatment for Mental Health Disorders. Your current provider may be unfamiliar with Ketamine as a treatment option, and may hesitate to refer you for a treatment that he or she does not have expert knowledge in. The Ketamine Clinic will be happy to discuss the treatments with your current provider.

Will you give me Ketamine Treatments without a referral?

Yes, although a referral is always preferred. The Ketamine Clinic will treat you without a referral, but you will need to provide a complete health history, as well as provide medical documentation of a current diagnosis of Mental Health Disorder or Chronic Pain Disorder. We will discuss the documentation you will need to provide during the Initial Consultation.

Does the Memphis Ketamine Clinic give prescriptions?

No. The Memphis Ketamine Clinic does not write or issue home prescriptions for Psychiatric Medicine, Pain Medicine, or Ketamine.

What if I'm running late?

We know life happens. Please call us ASAP in the event that you are going to be late for your scheduled appointment. Our goal is to make sure we give everyone enough time for their initial consultation or scheduled treatment. If you are running really late (generally past a few minutes) another patient could already be scheduled for that time.

My minor Child / Teenager struggles with depression and thoughts of suicide. Do you treat minors?

The Memphis Ketamine Clinic will only treat a minor with parental consent and a referral from the minor’s current Mental Health Provider.

I don't have anyone I trust to be my driver. Can I still receive a Ketamine Treatment?

No. We will refuse to treat anyone who does not arrive with a support person, or designated driver. We do not recommend that you drive a vehicle, or make any significant decisions for 24 hours following a Ketamine Infusion.

I have a Port, and I am interested in Ketamine Treatments, or IV Fluid Treatments, can you access my Port?

Yes. The Memphis Ketamine Clinic has personnel trained for accessing a port with sterile technique.

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